Give your Dix Hills home an understated, natural, and trendy look with matte finished flooring! Matte-finished flooring is stylish, visually appealing, and practical. A matte finish conceals scratches, dirt, dust, and footprints better than polished flooring. Below, Floor Coverings International® of Farmingdale has listed our three favorite flooring options to get behind this trend.

Matte Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

Matte-finished ceramic and porcelain tile are stylish as well as safe. A matte surface is less slippery than a polished surface. Since ceramic and porcelain are often used in damp areas such as bathrooms, a matte finish is a smart decision. Matte-finished porcelain is ideal for creating a minimalist and understated look. This flooring will look stunning in your bathroom, but can also be used as a trendy and affordable kitchen flooring.

matte porcelain tile

Matte Natural Stone Flooring

Bring natural beauty and rustic appeal into your home with matte-finished natural stone flooring. With stone, a matte finish is more commonly referred to as a honed finish. This is because the surface of the stone is ground down to achieve a flat, smooth surface. A honed finish is ideal for high-traffic areas. Polished natural stone is more likely to show scratches, while a honed finish will conceal minor damage. This finish has a more understated and muted look than high-gloss tiles. Rather than reflective and shiny, your floors will look satiny and natural.

matte natural stone tile fllooring

Matte Hardwood

Hardwood is most often seen with a glossy, shiny finish. A matte finish is an unexpected choice that allows the natural visual appeal of wood to take the spotlight. Many wood flooring options have complex grain patterns and dramatic shades. These qualities are enhanced when the wood is given a glossy finish. This is ideal for some homeowners, but others prefer a more understated and natural vibe. Similar to natural stone, matte hardwood also conceals minor scratches better than glossy hardwood.

hardwood flooring

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