If you’re looking for a way to change up your space without committing to an entire re-flooring project, a custom area rug might be the perfect solution. This stylish addition to a room can increase its interest, bring all other design elements together, and make for a more comfortable space. Follow these tips from the Floor Coverings International® of Farmingdale team so you can pick a rug that will work perfectly with your life and the room.

Custom area rug South HuntingtonStart by thinking about what you want from the rug. Common features might include:

  • Comfort underfoot
  • Insulation (especially during the winter!)
  • Conversation piece
  • Protection for hardwood or tile

Once you’ve nailed down why you want an area rug, you can get into the customizations that bring personality and purpose to your home.

1. Select Color Scheme

Make sure that the design is going to fit with the room. However, do not be afraid to go bold with bright colors or patterns. Some homeowners prefer to choose the rug first, then pick wall colors and room accents. That way, your rug is sure to complement your designs rather than be distracting to the space.

2. Aim for Style and Comfort

Most area rugs are meant to be tread upon, often with bare feet. Although you want a style that will work well with your home’s design, do not forget comfort in the process. Here at Floor Coverings International® of Farmingdale, we carry so many options that you can find exactly what you want. Consider a higher pile for a more plush feel or go for a shorter pile or a tighter weave for high-traffic areas, so that you do not have to spend as much time cleaning it.

3. Identify the Proper Size

Design experts believe that you should select a rug that fits the scale of the room. Rugs that are too small to be seen under a table may present more design issues than a large rug that occupies most of the room. As a general rule, aim to keep the edges of the rug within 6”-24” from the wall. If you have a large room that is divided into separate spaces, use this rule to form informal “barriers” to the specific regions.

custom area rug Dix Hills4. Shape the Space

You may be surprised to discover that area rugs are not always rectangular in shape. Many options are, but not all of them. If you want to turn the style of the room on its head, place a rug in the shape of an oval or circle in a square or rectangular room. If you desire balance more than anything else, try to get a rug that has dimensions proportional to the room.

5. Consider Furniture Placement

Once you get everything arranged, the last thing you want is an off-kilter appearance. Avoid setting furniture right next to the rug, because it may seem like you put it there on accident. Instead, plan to place furniture partially on the rug or completely on the rug. Make sure the rug is large enough to complete the design without appearing miniature next to the couch or table.

Do not let the selection of area rugs confuse or overwhelm you. You can make a decision that you will love every time you see it. Contact your local flooring experts at Floor Coverings International® of Farmingdale for more advice and to view materials for a custom area rug. Call us today!


Photo credit: © Artazum